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Historically, artists have pushed back against accepted norms. In times of heightened social control, they’ve pierced the veil of conformity with voices of resistance.

Today, we need the subversive power of art more than ever, yet many artists don’t feel free to express themselves. I know I haven’t.

I created The Art of Freedom to be a place for essays, poems, and plays that deliver the whole me: unpopular opinions, unvarnished experience, and artistic offerings.

If you believe that art is as essential as freedom, and that neither can exist without the other, then this newsletter is for you.

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Inspiring human resilience in service of freedom.


Mary Poindexter McLaughlin

Offering words to open hearts and minds at this critical time. Author of a bunch of plays and poems, and Co-Writer of TANTRA YOGA: JOURNEY TO UNBREAKABLE WHOLENESS.