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Every single one of us was born free, but lifetimes of education, socialization, and propaganda have corralled us into behaving and thinking in ways that are anything but free. We have forgotten what freedom truly feels like on every level: personal, societal, and spiritual.

Historically, it’s been the artists who have pushed back against accepted norms. In times of heightened social control, they’ve pierced the veil of conformity with voices of originality and resistance.

Today, many artists are conforming without conscious awareness, self-censoring their creative expression even as the urgent necessity of art’s subversive power grows daily.

That’s why I created The Art of Freedom. Every week I get to remind you of your own powerful freedom, by channeling love into the form of essays, poems, and plays that deliver the truth as I see it.

If you believe that art is as essential as freedom, and that neither can exist without the other, then this newsletter is for you.

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Inspiring human resilience in service of freedom.


Offering words to open hearts and minds at this critical time. Author of a bunch of plays and poems, and Co-Writer of TANTRA YOGA: JOURNEY TO UNBREAKABLE WHOLENESS.